Three Phase Power: Comparison of Star & Delta



Why We Need Three Phase Power?

How does Three Phase Power work?

Three phase power Star Configuration

In star configuration, the line current is equivalent to the phase current. This network has four wires, three phases, and one neutral. The three-phase wires connect to a common point and the neutral comes out of this common point. Y or WYE connection is the other name of the star configuration.

Three Phase Power Delta Configuration

Three Phase Power: Comparison of Star & Delta

What is Single-Phase Power?

Advantages of Three Phase Power over single-phase power

In large businesses, motors that connect in 3 phases, do not require any type of starters. Because the phase difference between the 3 phases is sufficient to create the initial torque/thrust to start the motor. But heavy motors having larger ratings, require soft or star-delta starters.

The DC voltage component of a Three Phase Power system gets smoother and more beneficial as the number of phases in the system rises.

Less cabling is needed to transmit and distribute electrical power using a Three three-phase power source. So, talking about costs makes it more economical.

A Three three-phase power network/supply gets priority because it runs commercial and heavy industrial loads easily. Industrial loads like motors, compressors, boilers, or spinners run easily on Three Phase Power network.

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