BC547 Datasheet: Important Features, Specifications & Applications

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The BC547 is a popular general-purpose NPN transistor and in this article we will explore specifications of this transistor in BC547 datasheet. Its versatile nature and reliable performance make it an essential component in many applications.

BC547 Datasheet - Features, Specifications & Applications
Explore the essential details in the BC547 datasheet.

Features of BC547

Small Signal Amplification: BC547 is designed for low to medium current and voltage applications, making it ideal for small-signal amplification in various electronic devices.

NPN Transistor: It is an NPN transistor, which means it operates with a positive voltage at the collector concerning the emitter.

Low Noise: The BC547 exhibits low noise characteristics, making it suitable for sensitive amplifier stages and audio circuits.

High DC Current Gain (hFE): This transistor boasts a high DC current gain, typically ranging from 110 to 800, allowing it to amplify weak signals effectively.

Low Saturation Voltage: The BC547 features a low saturation voltage, which minimizes energy loss during switching operations and enhances efficiency.

Complementary Pair with BC557: BC547 forms a complementary pair with BC557, which is a PNP transistor, allowing for the design of push-pull and complementary amplifier circuits.

Characteristics in BC547 Datasheet

Maximum Ratings: The datasheet specifies maximum ratings for parameters such as collector-emitter voltage (VCEO), collector-base voltage (VCBO), emitter-base voltage (VEBO), collector current (IC), power dissipation (Ptot), and temperature range.

Collector Current (IC): The maximum continuous collector current for BC547 is 100mA, which defines its current-carrying capacity.

Power Dissipation (Ptot): BC547 can handle a maximum power dissipation of 500mW, indicating its ability to dissipate heat under specific conditions.

Transition Frequency (fT): BC547 typically has a transition frequency of 150MHz, which denotes its high-frequency performance for amplifier applications.

Collector-Emitter Saturation Voltage (VCE(sat)): The datasheet provides VCE(sat) values at various IC currents, enabling designers to evaluate its switching characteristics accurately.

Base-Emitter Voltage (VBE): BC547 typically has a base-emitter voltage of around 0.65V at a base current of 10mA.

Technical Specifications

Package Type: BC547 comes in a TO-92 package, which is a standard through-hole package for easy mounting on PCBs.

Operating Temperature: The datasheet specifies the recommended operating temperature range, typically from -55°C to +150°C, ensuring reliable operation under varying environmental conditions.

Storage Temperature: BC547 can be stored in a temperature range of -55°C to +150°C without compromising its performance.

Electrical Characteristics: The datasheet provides detailed electrical characteristics, including current gains at specific collector currents, saturation voltages, and cutoff frequencies.

Where to Buy BC547 Transistor

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Applications of BC547

Amplifiers: BC547 is widely used in audio amplifiers, signal amplifiers, and voltage amplifiers due to its low noise and high gain characteristics.

Switching Circuits: Its fast switching speed and low saturation voltage make BC547 suitable for driving small loads and digital switching applications.

Oscillators: BC547 can be used in oscillator circuits for generating stable and low-frequency signals.

Voltage Regulation: It is employed in voltage regulator circuits to stabilize output voltages in power supplies.

Sensor Interface: BC547 acts as an interface between sensors and microcontrollers, converting weak sensor signals into usable voltage levels.

Audio Pre-amplification: Its low noise figure and amplification capabilities make BC547 an excellent choice for audio pre-amplification stages.

The BC547 datasheet reveals its versatility, making it a widely used NPN transistor in various electronic applications. Its small signal amplification, low noise, high gain, and complementary pairing features contribute to its popularity in the electronics industry.

Engineers and hobbyists can confidently incorporate BC547 in their designs, knowing it offers reliable performance across a broad range of applications.

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