C1815 Datasheet: Important Features to Know About



C1815 Datasheet: Important Features to Know About
C1815 Datasheet: Everything You Need to Know About
c1815 Transistor Pins Configuration
  • Type of Transistor === > NPN General Purpose Transistor
  • Collector-Base Voltage Limit=== > 60Volts
  • Emitter Base Voltage Limit=== > 5Volts
  • Collector-Emitter Voltage Limit=== > 50Volts
  • DC Current Gain Range === > 70 to around 700
  • Maximum Collector Power Dissipation “Pc” === > 0.4Watts
  • Maximum Transition Frequency Limit === > 80MHz
  • Collector Current Limit === > 0.15Amps
  • Storage Temperature Limit === > -55˚˚ C to 125 ˚˚ C
  • Operating Temperature Limit === > -55˚˚ C to 125 ˚˚ C

Where to Buy C1815 Transistor

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Equivalent to c1815


In conclusion, the C1815 transistor is a versatile electronic component that finds extensive application in amplification and switching circuits. With its NPN configuration and maximum current and voltage ratings, it provides reliable performance in various electronic systems.

Its compact size and low cost make it a popular choice among hobbyists and professionals alike. Whether you are designing audio amplifiers, signal processors, or other electronic projects, the C1815 transistor offers a viable solution. Explore our website to learn more about the C1815 transistor and its specifications, and discover how it can enhance your electronic designs.”

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