LR41 Battery Specifications & Equivalent: A Comprehensive Guide

The LR41 battery, known interchangeably as AG3, 392A, or SR41, stands as a compact yet robust button cell battery extensively utilized in a wide array of small electronic devices. This petite cylindrical power source operates at a voltage of 1.5 volts, serving as the backbone for gadgets such as watches, calculators, small toys, laser pointers, and even certain medical instruments.


CR2032 Battery: Specifications, Equivalent & Best Applications

We depend on the CR2032 battery for small-scale power solutions. It’s tiny, just 20mm wide and 3.2mm tall, but it packs a punch when it comes to energy. This lithium coin cell battery gives a solid 3 volts consistently, making it our first choice for devices that need lasting and reliable power. You’d be surprised where you’d find it – in watches, remote controls, medical gadgets, you name it.


CR123 Battery Specifications & Equivalent: Best Guide

The CR123 battery is a type of lithium battery commonly used in various electronic devices. It is a non-rechargeable battery known for its high capacity and stable voltage. The “CR” in CR123 stands for the cylindrical lithium battery, and the “123” stands for its size—specifically, it has a diameter of about 17 millimeters and a length of about 34.5 millimeters.

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Lithium Ion Batteries: Should You Fully Discharge Li-ion Batteries?

We must first comprehend the fundamentals of lithium-ion batteries in order to determine whether a 48v lithium-ion battery should be discharged. Lithium ions are the key component of the reaction when we examine the chemistry of the lithium-ion battery.