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TIP120 Transistor Equivalent: Best Features to Know

The TIP120 transistor is a popular and widely used NPN Darlington transistor that is known for its high current and voltage handling capabilities. In some cases, you may require a TIP120 Transistor Equivalent that can perform similar functions as the TIP120. Here, we will explore the TIP120 transistor equivalent and its features.

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Types of Transistor: A Comprehensive Overview

Different types of transistor are fundamental electronic devices that play a crucial role in modern electronics. They are used as amplifiers, switches, and digital logic components. Transistors are available in various types, each with unique characteristics and applications. In this article, we will explore the different types of transistor, providing a comprehensive overview of their functionalities and applications.

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Schmitt Trigger: Important Types, Working & Applications

A Schmitt Trigger is a type of comparator-based circuit that incorporates positive feedback to achieve hysteresis, which is the ability to have different threshold voltage levels for signal rise and fall. It is commonly used in electronics to convert an analog input signal into a well-defined digital output signal.


Floating Gate Transistor: Best Features & Applications

A floating gate transistor, also known as a floating gate MOSFET, is a crucial component in non-volatile memory devices like EEPROMs and flash memory. Unlike regular transistors, a floating gate transistor possesses an insulated gate, known as the floating gate, which is isolated from the rest of the transistor.