CD4060 Datasheet: Features, Specifications, and Applications


The CD4060 is a popular integrated circuit (IC) that belongs to the CMOS 4000 series. It is a 14-stage binary ripple counter with an integrated oscillator and a built-in oscillator reset function. The CD4060 is widely used in various electronic circuits due to its versatility and reliability. This article provides a detailed overview of the CD4060 datasheet, including its features, specifications, and application information.

CD4060 Datasheet: Features, Specifications, and Applications

The CD4060 datasheet is a valuable resource for understanding the features and specifications of this versatile integrated circuit. By referring to the CD4060 datasheet, engineers and electronics enthusiasts can gain a comprehensive understanding of its capabilities and application possibilities.

The CD4060 datasheet provides detailed information about the integrated 14-stage binary ripple counter, oscillator reset function, and high output current capabilities. Additionally, the CD4060 datasheet highlights its low power consumption and wide supply voltage range, making it suitable for various battery-operated applications. Whether designing timer circuits, frequency dividers, or LED sequencing projects, the CD4060 datasheet serves as an essential guide, providing crucial insights into pin configurations, operating conditions, and recommended usage guidelines.

Features in CD4060 Datasheet

Integrated 14-stage binary ripple counter: The CD4060 has 14 stages that can be used as a binary counter or a frequency divider. It offers a wide range of division ratios, making it suitable for various applications.

Built-in oscillator: The IC includes an internal oscillator that eliminates the need for external timing components. This oscillator can be controlled by connecting external components to the relevant pins.

Oscillator reset: The CD4060 features an oscillator reset pin (RESET) that allows users to reset the oscillator and counter stages externally.

High output current: The IC provides high output current capabilities, making it suitable for driving external components such as LEDs, relays, and other logic circuits.

Low power consumption: The CD4060 operates on a wide supply voltage range of 3V to 18V and consumes low power, making it ideal for battery-operated applications.

Schmitt trigger inputs: The IC features Schmitt trigger inputs, ensuring reliable and noise-immune operation.

Specifications of CD4060

  • Supply voltage range: 3V to 18V
  • Maximum clock frequency: 8 MHz
  • Supply current: Typically 10 µA at 5V
  • Output current: 10 mA (maximum)
  • High-level output voltage: VDD – 0.5V
  • Low-level output voltage: 0.5V
  • Operating temperature range: -55°C to 125°C
  • Package options: CD4060BE (DIP-16), CD4060BM (SOIC-16)

Pin Configuration of CD4060

The CD4060 package consists of 16 pins. Here is a brief overview of the important pins:

  • VDD (Pin 16): Positive power supply
  • VSS (Pin 8): Ground
  • RESET (Pin 12): Oscillator reset input
  • CLK (Pin 14): External clock input
  • Q0 to Q13 (Pins 3 to 6, 8 to 15): Counter outputs
  • OUT (Pin 7): Oscillator output
  • REXT (Pin 11): External resistor for oscillator timing

Applications of CD4060

The CD4060 can be utilized in various applications, including:

Frequency division: It can be used as a frequency divider in applications where the input frequency needs to be divided by a certain factor.

Timer circuits: The IC can be used to build accurate timer circuits, with the ability to generate precise time delays based on the selected division ratio.

LED sequencing: By connecting LEDs to the counter outputs, the CD4060 can create captivating light sequences and effects.

Alarm systems: The IC can be integrated into alarm circuits to generate specific timing sequences for activating alarms or signaling events.

Oscillator circuits: It can be used as a standalone oscillator for applications requiring a clock signal.

equivalent of cd4060

The CD4060 is a specific model within the CMOS 4000 series of integrated circuits. While there may not be an exact equivalent with the same part number, there are several similar ICs with comparable functionality and features. Here are a few alternatives that you can consider:

CD4040: The CD4040 is a 12-stage binary ripple counter with an integrated oscillator, similar to the CD4060. It offers 12 counter stages instead of 14, but it can still be used for frequency division and timing applications.

CD4020: The CD4020 is a 14-stage binary counter, but it lacks the integrated oscillator found in the CD4060. It can be used for similar applications by providing the required clock signal externally.

MC14060B: The MC14060B is another 14-stage binary ripple counter with an integrated oscillator. It is functionally similar to the CD4060 and can be used as a replacement in many applications.

HCF4060: The HCF4060 is a CMOS 14-stage binary ripple counter with an integrated oscillator. It is a close equivalent to the CD4060 and can be used as a replacement in most circuits.

When choosing an alternative IC, it’s important to review the datasheets and specifications of each candidate to ensure compatibility with your specific application requirements.


The CD4060 is a versatile integrated circuit that offers a wide range of applications due to its integrated binary ripple counter, built-in oscillator, and other advanced features. Its low power consumption, high output current, and reliable performance make it a popular choice among electronics enthusiasts and professionals.

When working with the CD4060, it is crucial to have the CD4060 datasheet readily accessible. By studying the CD4060 datasheet thoroughly, one can ensure the proper utilization of its features and maximize its performance. The CD4060 datasheet provides comprehensive information on supply voltage ranges, clock frequencies, output current capabilities, and operating temperature ranges.

Moreover, the CD4060 datasheet includes valuable details about the various pins, such as VDD, VSS, RESET, CLK, and the counter outputs, Q0 to Q13. With the CD4060 datasheet as a reliable reference, engineers and hobbyists can confidently integrate the IC into their projects, be it in timer circuits, frequency division applications, or alarm systems. The CD4060 datasheet truly empowers users to harness the full potential of this remarkable integrated circuit. Read more about Oscillator Circuit Diagram here.

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