Google Search Console Faces Temporary Outage, Restored After 50-Minute Downtime

Users Encounter Inaccessibility Issue, Tool Fully Restored for SEO Analytics

Google Search Console faced an unexpected outage today, rendering the tool inaccessible from approximately 8 am ET. For nearly 50 minutes, users encountered unavailability issues when attempting to access the platform. Despite the downtime, Google’s Search Console team swiftly addressed the issue, restoring functionality by 8:52 am ET.

During the outage, Google’s Daniel Waisberg acknowledged the disruption, injecting a touch of humor into the situation by quipping, “I was looking for a plug to charge my phone, so I had to unplug the server.” However, he reassured users, stating, “Joking aside, we’re working on it.”

The error presented a 500 status code when attempting to access Search Console, indicating an internal server error that affected all users globally. Given the tool’s criticality for SEO reporting and analytics, its temporary unavailability prompted users to pause reporting activities temporarily and focus on other SEO-related tasks until the issue was resolved.

Fortunately, by 8:52 am ET, Google had rectified the problem, restoring full functionality to Search Console. Users can now resume their usual reporting and analysis activities within the platform without further interruptions.

Source: Search Engine Roundtable

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